In the Karting world exists three types of rims or rather to say, three kind of materials and compounds. The most commonly used
it's the ALUMINIUM, cheaper, the compound type brings the tires in temperature very quickly, so almost on rainy days we get advantagesand furthermore despite on the other types they are the strongest ones, unfortunately at their weight expense. A second rim type are the MAGNESIUM ones that despite the aluminium ones these ones are lighter and so are chosen from the Pilots that are looking for performances on track. By their side they have the advantages to mantain quite constantly the tires temperature. At last, exist the Resin rims designed for special use only. The rims on their ''semplicity'' have a great influence on the karting grip on track and for this they have very some important adjustements such as the convergence, that must be crafted with dedicated tools icluding the '' Laser tools'' available in our store.Small but essentials fpr safety are the nut for rim blocking made also in copper, the wheel beasd screws and the tubless valves.As far as the passionate ones, work in simbiosis with the tires and with this share an high range of tools and equipments, such us the devices for tools removal sold in many types.

For any kind of information don't hesitate to contact the Superkar stuff that is always at your disposal.

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