Every sport is based on performances like even on swimming, running or other similar team sports, even on Kart and on other sports that see the simbiosis man/machine, have surely the need to test the performances in terms of time.
Superkart has focused its attention on leader telemetry brands such as UNIPRO and ALFANO. The recent telemetry is based on minicomputer that banally we could say that in addition to report the lap time provide some other indications
as like as the kart's status. Water temperature, exhaust, speed, GPS module, track layout, shift used, they anylize all those engine's parts both kart and us, then probes, sensors, essentials for a really nice performance, all focused in a
small instrument placed to the steering wheel '' in sight '' of the pilot. This isn't over...ath the ned of the race into the paddock or in your own garage it is possible to download or better to say, files download and see graph & data of the performances to
intervene on the setting that next time we'll make the best for us and for our kart.
If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us. The Superkart stuff will be always at your disposal.

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