Insert antifog PHOTOCHROMATIC for helmet shield

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Compatible with all Arai helmets, for other models ask for info here.

The photochromic of FogStop family with unique features in its kind.
PCShade FogStop makes comfortable driving solving radically the problem fogging and preventing the need of change of face shield during long trips. In a few seconds in fact it adapting to the external brightness level. PCShade is the visor for everyday and for all seasons.
With PCShade presents the concept of anti-fog photochromic insert: is rapid (activated in 4 ") and also works behind the visor with UV filter.
PCShade attaches to the visor in a safe, but not the ruin, thanks to the unique adhesive transparent Raleri seals.
The photochromic effect PCShade is constant throughout his life: the insert has, in fact the ColorMark system that alerts you when it begins its decay.

The lightshade inserts are made to be applied on the helmet visor to cancel the effect of "Fog" and improve visual color rendering.
There are several types:
Clear: The anti-fog High transparency and amazing optical quality
Dark: The economic solution to make his dark visor
HiDef: racing HD insert high contrast, improves attention
Mirror: A classic look cool with a very dark mirror
Plywood: Mirroring obtained with coating of various noble metals, is very transparent but reflects the rays of the sun.

PCShade: The photochromic of FogStop family with unique features in its kind.

Who makes extreme use or professionally relevant helmet chooses inserts for visor antifog FogStop lightshade or PCShade. And 'the case of Bob Italian National Team, which mounts lightshade Clear or lightshade Hi-Def on helmets used in the race and that offered a unique setting in the development of anti-technology: a temperature range of 40 ° between the locker room and the track with high levels of internal moisture peaks to the helmet due to breathing during thrust of the slide.
Lightshade Hi-Def is also the first choice of many racing drivers and Superbike MOTO2 CIV. With the sun the insert is installed behind the racing dark visors to balance their typical loss of contrast (lightshade Hi-Def is in fact equipped with a special filter that "cut" some frequencies carriers of optical noise). With rain or time variable lightshade FogStop Hi-Def it will be mounted directly onto the transparent visors. The goal is always to improve the vision of the curbs and runway markings favoring the concentration in the guide.
The situation is different for law enforcement and for long-haul travelers: lightshade FogStop Clear is here alternating PCShade FogStop, which remains the best insert for changing light conditions.

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