CASTROL XR 77 - 2T Racing Oil - Lt 1

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APPROVED 114318/01

Engine oil 2T racing for competition

Product details XR 77

Castrol XR 77 is state of the art synthetic oils for 2 stroke engines racing to the Fuel mixture.
Since the launch of Castrol A747 in 1976 , there have been many technical developments in the field of motor racing.
Engine power race rise up from 300 hp / liter up to 400 hp / liter. The design of current engines allows the use of
unleaded petrol without significant loss of performance, despite the unleaded gasolines have a composition and
different properties compared to other fuels.

Castrol XR 77 is developed specifically for use in premix 2 stroke racing engines during races.
It is not suitable for normal use on the road.

High lubricity to prevent galling in a position to rev - allows trainers to push their engines to the maximum.
It maintains engine power throughout the race.
Visible deposits on the spark plug and the piston crown for fine-tuning the carburetor.
Lubrication of the butterfly even in conditions of humidity - XR 77 is formulated to prevent locking of the carburetor throttle
in a condition of high humidity.
Easy mixing with gasoline racing and minimal effect on the octane number in fuels competition for maximizing the compression ratio.

Caratteristiche Tipiche
Nome Metodo Unità Valore Tipico
Densità relativa @ 15C ASTM D4052 g/m 0,913
Aspetto Visivo - Chiaro e Limpido
Viscosità cinematica 100C ASTM D445 mm²/s 14,9
Viscosità cinematica 40C ASTM D445 mm²/s 112
Indice di viscosità ASTM D2270 - 138
Punto di scorrimento ASTM D97 °C -24
Flash Point, PMCC ASTM D93 °C 223
Ceneri solfatate ASTM D874 % Peso 0,31

Fully certified for use in Moto GP racing EMPA test report number 417478/01

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