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Tire Pyrometer
Made for race.

Tires temperature in different sides of tread, let us know the Dynamic balance of the vehicle.

It will measure and will memorize with great precision the tread temperature, air and asphalt.

Through the evaluation of temperatures in different points of the tires,
you can assess the dynamic balance of the vehicle.

From this idea, the Prisma Electronics has created a digital pyrometer that measures and records the temperature of the tires in three different
characteristic points of the tread, EXTERNAL-INTERNAL INTERMEDIATE.

Also, it has the ability to store also the temperatures and ASPHALT AIR, in order to have all the parameters immediately available on the display.

The instrument has a capacity to store 10 complete stint, each with 12 points tire temperature, air and Asphalt.

All information of the temperature on the display.
You can immediately understand how the tires are working and understand what to change in your attitude.

Normal mode --- Memory Mode

Misura della temperatura asfalto con il pirometro digitale Prisma Electronics
Temperature measurement asphalt with digital pyrometer Prisma Electronics
Another feature is the backlight of the display using the external light sensor; the intensity of the backlight is adjusted automatically depending on the ambient light mind where you work.
In this way the reading of the measurements is always optimized.






Caratteristiche della sonda di tempearatura
  • Unit Of Measure °C e °F
  • Measure Resolution : 0,25°C - 0,45°F
  • Measurement Error : +/- 1°C
  • Temperature Range : 0°C - 1000°C / 1832°F
  • 12 memorizable Steps
  • Temperatura aria + asfalto
  • Memorizzazione di 10 sessioni in memoria
  • Retroilluminazione del display con sensore di luce


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